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  • Installing new Taps and Tapware in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry or Garden.

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Choosing the right taps for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry is not always an easy task. With so many different tapware options to choose from, it’s important to carefully choose a design that also suits your household needs. Things to consider include the style of your household, what finish will look best, shape & size of the spout, matching tap sets, ergonomics, functionality, choosing water-saving tapware, brand & product warranty. The list is endless.

Our team can help you with some of these decisions. We carry a small range of ‘standard’ taps & tapware with us, but if you prefer to choose your own taps, you can purchase your own tapware, which we are happy to install for you.

Kitchen taps / mixers – there are many different types of kitchen taps & tapware available to suit all styles & budgets.

Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisbane.com.au Posh Bristol Wall SetAbsolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisbane.com.au Posh Bristol



Bathroom tapware – many things to consider when choosing your tapware – style, functionality, type of material.

Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisbane.com.au Porcher Saga Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisbane.com.au Nicolazzi Classic  Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisbane.com.au Porcher Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisbane.com.au BaseAbsolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisbane.com.au Posh Solus Shower Set




Laundry tapware – there is a large selection of tap sets and mixers available to suit your lifestyle and tastes.

Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisane.com.au Base pillar taps anti-vandalAbsolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisane.com.au Dorf CapellaAbsolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisane.com.au Dorf Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisane.com.auNicolazzi Classic Provincial Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisane.com.auPhoenix Gen Y




Outside taps – it’s incredibly useful to have an outside tap for watering the garden or cleaning the car.

Absolute Plumbing Qld www.tapsbrisbane.com.augardentap



You can be assured that any materials or products supplied to you are of a quality standard. We only supply and recommend reputable products.


Absolute Plumbing Qld's Delighted Customer Guarantee.

As a client of Absolute Plumbing Qld you deserve a serious commitment from us.tick

“Absolute Plumbing Qld gives you complete peace of mind by offering you a 12 month Workmanship Guarantee. We will also handle for you any manufacturer claims on all products we supply to you. ”


  • We are really pleased with how the new tapware has changed the look of the bathroom. No doubt we will call on Absolute Plumbing for any future needs.
    , Oct 2017
  • Leaking Taps

    Leaking taps can sometimes be fixed by simply servicing the taps. At Absolute Plumbing Qld, we always give both the hot and the cold taps a full tap service. By doing this, we are able to give you a 12 month workmanship guarantee. Taps or tapware for your kitchen, laundry, bathroom, ensuite, shower, vanity basin or outside taps. We can service your taps, repair your taps or replace your taps.

    Mixer Taps

    Mixer taps have the hot and cold water emerge from a single spout. Older style taps used a separate spout for each tap. The disadvantage of separate spouts is that out of one tap you get icy cold water, and out of the other you get scalding hot water. If you need warm water when you’re using separate taps, you need to put in a plug and mix the water yourself to achieve the right temperature. Mixer taps are almost always a more convenient and sensible option.
    Another big plus for mixer taps is their ease of use. A single handle style kitchen mixer tap can be pushed on or off with the back of your hand or wrist, and is therefore fantastic for those with sore thumbs, fingers or wrists.

    PLUMBING TIPS — Don’t overtighten taps when turning them off. Turning off a tap too hard can split the washer and a drip will turn into a flow. If the tap is continually dripping, have it serviced before it wears the seat and the cost to repair becomes greater.

    WATER SAVING TIPS— Turn off the tap while cleaning your teeth. Keep showers to less than four minutes. When shaving, fill the sink with water rather than running the tap. Fix leaking taps, toilets and showers immediately. Check for leaks. Install water-efficient devices where possible. Save up to 100 litres a day!




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