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Our maintenance team can service your toilet cistern, make repairs to your toilet, fix your leaking toilet or replace your toilet suite.

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Installing a new toilet suite.  

There are many things to consider when replacing your toilet suite – style, shape, comfort, water efficiency, brand & product warranty.   There is a wide range of toilet suites available to suit all styles & budgets. Here are a few things to consider…

Different type of toilet suites available.

Selecting your style of toilet.

  • Connect toilet suite – This toilet suite is the most traditional looking toilet with the cistern joined to the pan by a plastic flush pipe and connector plate. It provides the greatest amount of flexibility for installation.
  • Wall faced toilet suite – The back of the pan sits flush against the wall, meaning there are no gaps between the toilet and the wall at all. This is a solid unit and creates a bold look in your bathroom. Due to no gaps between the toilet and the wall, it is easier to clean.
  • Close-coupled toilet suite – The pan and cistern are joined together so you cannot see the flush pipe. This type of toilet suite is a very traditional look and suits all types of bathrooms.
  • Concealed toilet suite– The cistern (or tank) is hidden inside the wall cavity, ceiling or under counter – leaving only the toilet pan to be seen. This style of toilet is very modern in design and takes up little space in your bathroom – perfect if you are working with a smaller bathroom.


Choosing the type of toilet pan to suit your bathroom set-out.

After selecting your style of toilet, it is important to choose the correct pan option to suit your set-out and plumbing requirements.

  • S-trap toilet pans – S-trap version pans account for the majority of pan installations in Australia. The pan is easily identified with the toilet spigot of the trap connecting directly into the floor-mounted pan collar.
  • P-trap toilet pans – P-trap version pans have either a horizontal or angled outlet spigot which connects directly into a pan collar mounted on the wall. 
  • Skew trap toilet pans – Skew trap version pans are available in left and right-hand models with a horizontal or angled outlet spigot which is offset at 90° and connects directly into a pan collar mounted on a sidewall.


Toilet service / repairs

any of these sound familiar?

  • My toilet is running water
  • My toilet is not flushing
  • Toilet is slow to fill
  • The toilet seat is loose/broken
  • I have water leaking onto the floor when I flush the toilet
  • The flush buttons stay down after I flush the toilet cistern
  • I need a new toilet suite installed.

We know all of these things can be a nuisance, but most of these issues can be solved easily.  It may be as simple as having a full cistern service, or replacing some parts.

Let our experienced team help you. Call us today 3205 1100. We offer a rapid response to all plumbing emergencies.


Absolute Plumbing Qld's Delighted Customer Guarantee.

tickAs a client of Absolute Plumbing Qld you deserve a serious commitment from us.

“Absolute Plumbing Qld gives you complete peace of mind by offering you a 12 month Workmanship Guarantee. We will also handle for you any manufacturer claims on all products we supply to you. ”


  • Hi Mitchell, Thank you for coming around so quickly to fix our leaking toilet at short notice. You came on the same day I placed the call. You did a great job and we will only be too happy to recommend you to people we know for any plumbing service requirement.
    , May 2018

  • Hi Mitchell, I confirm that we are very happy with the work you completed and the toilet/sani pump are now operating properly.
    , March 2018
  • Hi – Thanks for the new installation of 2 replacement toilets. Another ABSOLUTE company employee giving top service with a minimum of fuss. Thanks very much. ”
    , July 2015

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